PACHI Partners Phalombe DHO To Curb Vaccine Hesitancy

In a quest to enhance vaccine uptake in Phalombe, a local organization, Parent and Child Health Initiative (PACHI) has rolled out a three month project focusing on mobilizing people to get the COVID 19 jab.

Project Coordinator for PACHI, Carlos Msosa, has told Zodiak Wednesday that Phalombe is one of the least performing districts in terms of COVID 19 vaccine uptake pegged at 3.8 % as of June 2022 against the 70% target of population to be vaccinated by June 2023.

Msosa says the project will target religious, traditional, health workers and political leaders to help in mobilizing people get vaccinated.

“We would want to work with various stakeholders in the district to enhance COVI-19 uptake which is low,” said Msosa.

Phalombe District Health Office Spokesperson, Daniel Chilomo, hopes the project will bring positive results arguing myths and misinformation is affecting administration of the vaccines in the district.

Chilomo said vaccine hesitancy has also affected administration of other vaccines such as Polio.

“Some people are being told that COVID 19 has been introduced to wipe out Lhomwe people and people are failing to get the jab, people should be vaccinated to protect themselves from COVID -19,” said Chilomo.

PACHI is implementing a three month project aimed at enhancing vaccine uptake in Phalombe with funding from UNICEF to the tune of K18 million.
Credit: Zodiak Online