1. Effectiveness of a multi-country implementation-focused network on quality of care: Delivery of interventions and processes for improved maternal, newborn and child health outcomes
  2. Individual, organizational and system circumstances, and the functioning of a multi-country implementation-focused network for maternal, newborn and child health: Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Malawi, and Uganda
  3. Bioelectrical impedance vector analysis as an indicator of malnutrition in children under five years with and without pneumonia in Mchinji District, Malawi: An exploratory mixed-methods analysis
  4. Integrated Management of Childhood Illnesses (IMCI): a mixed-methods study on implementation, knowledge and resource availability in Malawi
  5. UNICEF MALAWI Annual Report 2020
  6. NGO Hails Dowa DHO Covid-19 preparedness
  7. Performance of a novel reusable pediatric pulse oximeter probe
  8. Improving maternal sepsis care by task shifting vital sign observations to Hospital Attendants in Malawi
  9. GLOW Abstract
  10. Prevalence and Determinants of Unintended Pregnancy in Mchinji District
  11. MOMI Newsletter Vol 5, December 2015
  12. MamaYe North Project Launch in pictures
  13. LICSOnet District Council MOU Draft
  14. LICSOnet Constitution Draft
  15. LICSOnet TORs Draft

Vaccine Surveillance journals;

  1. Methodological challenges in measuring vaccine effectiveness using population cohorts in low resource settings
  2. Electronic data capture in a rural African setting
  3. The quality and diagnostic value of open