A woman in Mzimba Champions COVID-19 Vaccination

Edah Jere lives in Chizamsoka village, T/A Mtwalo, Mzimba district who couldn’t believe that Covid-19 really exists with consideration of the existing misconceptions around it in their community.

“It was in September when Temweka Munthali Kaunda together with learners of Kabumba primary School visited me with messages on COVID-19 prevention and control; this included the use of masks as well as benefits of getting vaccinated for Covid-19” Eda lamented.

Temweka is one of the SHN teachers, who were oriented to support mobilization of communities on COVID-19 prevention and control. ‘We have been conducting sensitization meetings on Covid-19 as well as malaria prevention and control.  We conduct these meetings in schools as well as communities” She added

“Previously I never used a mask and it was also difficult for me to get vaccinated due to the misconceptions/myths around Covid-19 vaccines. I heard those vaccinated become barren, can die anytime and receive a satanic sign of 666″ Edah Said.

She further explained her bad experience with COVID-19. “I nearly lost my brother due to COVID-19 when he was seriously ill. When we took him to Ezondweni Health Centre, he was referred to Mzuzu Central Hospital where he was diagnosed with COVID-19”
Mzimba Champions Covid-19
Edah Jere sensitizing fellow villagers on COVID-19

Following the incident, Edah got convinced to get vaccinated. Now she believes the myths about Covid-19 were all lies and has taken a step further disseminating information on Covid-19 prevention as well as benefits of getting vaccinated to fellow community members.