The beauty of collaboration and partnership yields tremendous outcome in reducing malnutrition

Partnership in developmental issues helps to maximize resources at the same time yielding optimum results for both community and implementing partners    Nthesa Caregoups have all the reasons to celebrate the behavior change that has indeed flourished around the households Catchment.  Out of numerals roles that Cluster   members undertake in ensuring nutrition education is done at each and every households, the promotion of backyard gardens is one of the major pillar to   reduce Malnourishments of under five children and among women of reproductive age 15 to 49 years old.

Without the efforts of different Stakeholders to build our capacity and sharpen the knowledge of care group lack of essential nutrients could have been a case in our area, Olipa Moses explains. the  ongoing  orientation of promoters,  coordination and partnership that exists amongst implementing NGOS  such as  PACHI WVI,TAP,SAFI,AGRCULUTURE team in   dispatching technical know  information on establishment and management of vegetable growing  have made us along way to fresh vegetables. The enthusiasm and dedication of Community  structures  like ANCCs, VNCCs,  ACLAN and CLANS who  have  put  efforts together  to make community participation at its best  as evidenced  in my backyard  garden we would not  reach at this stage, she added. Olipa said buying or using vegetables that are almost withered due to overstay at the market and have lost essential nutrients is history in our households.

On the other hand the continued awareness, raising   through trained Participatory Educative Theatre- The messages reaches to almost 90% of households. Commenting on the same GVH Nthesa said people have benefitted a lot in terms of stakeholder collaboration and partnership that are working in this area. The adoption and adaption to new technology practices is very imaginable because I always make sure male involvement is high as far as f gender roles   between men and women are concerned. Indeed there is power in unity