As part of preparation on the social accountability towards cholera preparedness and awareness project PACHI has trained 12 journalist from different media houses in both print and electronic media. In this one-day training pachi trained journalists on bwalo concept which is a community grouping that aims at discussing issues that affect them as far as  water, sanitation and hygiene in concerned.

Speaking during the training Project coordinator for PACHI Laura Munthari; the intentions of this training is to orient journalists on the process of the bwalo forums to make it easy for them to understand how the process works. She also urged journalists that instead of solely reporting on conflicts and problems, they should aim to gain more comprehensive portrayal of the issues at hand.


Training in progress

She said therefore the training will also help empower journalists with knowledge and also give them freedom to move around in specific areas alone or communicate with interlocutors of the Bwalo forums for updates.

In his remarks editor for Zodiak broadcasting station Winston Mwale; commended PACHI saying the bwalo forums is a good initiative that will help local citizens to sit down and discuss issues that has contributed  in the recurrence of cholera outbreaks and find solutions where they can. He also added that he liked the idea of involving reporters in the project because they will help in the amplification of the voice of the citizens by continuously reporting on the stories that are coming out on the  bwalo forums.


Winston Mwale – ZBS editor

The first Cholera cases where reported in Malawi in 1973 when the seventh pandemic hit Eastern Africa and spread to Malawi. The country experience cholera annually, almost every rainy season from September /October to April/May. The worst cholera outbreak in Malawi was recorded from October 2001 until April 2002 with 33150 cases and 981 deaths.