PACHI phases out Mamaye Malawi campaign in the North


Written by McDonald Gondwe, MBC

Parent and Child Health Initiative (PACHI) an organization behind a maternal health centered Mamaye Malawi campaign has expressed satisfaction on how the project has faired during its almost two year implementation in the Northern Region.

Mamaye Malawi Country Director, Mathias Chatuluka made the remarks during a series of district closing meeting cerebrations for the Mamaye campaign in Mzimba, Rumphi and Nkhata-Bay.

Chatuluka expressed happiness to exit the project with a number of remarkable success stories to its name.

“We have had a good relationship with local leaders, health officials, communities hence the project has left a good mark in all the districts we have been to.

The Mamaye project focused on reducing maternal and neonatal death by among others improving the utilization of health budget through accountability and transparency at a health facility, ensure consistent assessment of maternal related issues as well as empowering communities through home based advocacy but not just advocacy but evidence based advocacy,” said Chatuluka.

He said as implementers they were pleased to note that the tenets guiding the project were met and there is an improved result from the campaign.

Mamaye Malawi opened its doors in the northern Malawi since 2015 and it focused on Traditional Authorities Malengamzoma and Malanda in Nkhata-Bay district, the area of Inkosi ya Makhosi Mmbelwa and Khosolo in Mzimba district as well as in the area of Themba la Mathemba Chikulamayembe and Mwahenga in Rumphi district.

So far the project has instituted more than 30 community activist groups in the said districts which work hand in hand with health officials under the Mamaye district implementation team.

The project has trained our staff with relevant information relating to maternal health and now that the project is phasing out its our obligation to continue using the knowledge gained, observed Dr. Lumbani Munthali, District Health Officer for Mzimba South District Health Office.

“We can attest to the fact that the Mamaye Malawi project through their activists have for a number of times approached us to bang heads to help in solving some challenges facing health facilities in their communities, we have also seen some groups providing tangible solutions in one way or the other hence we remain committed to work with them,” noted Ketie Phiri, Mamaye District Focal Person for Nkhata-Bay district.

Mamaye District Focal Person in Rumphi, Gracious Mtonga said his district will live to remember the principles of the project as they plan to reach out to the entire district with the project.

Through the project the activists have among others lobbied for an ambulance at Chikangawa Health Centre where community is in fundraising campaign for the cause, donated equipment to to Liuzi Heath Centre in Nkhata-Bay, another donation at Mzenga Health Centre where the Nkhata-Bay district council also intends to provide an ambulance through community activists efforts, other fundraising activities are underway for communities surrounding Bolero Rural Hospital in Rumphi.

The exit meeting also honored various stakeholders including traditional leaders, members of civil society, government officials, community activists as well as the media for their recommendable job throughout the implementation of the project.