PACHI Launches Citizen Voice Fora in Kasungu

bwalo kasungu

Parent and Child Health Initiative (PACHI) has launched citizen voice fora commonly known as bwalo to give local people a platform to comment, report and act on various issues happening in their communities.

Speaking during the launch, PACHI project officer Margaret Mtekateka urged the representatives forming the forum that they should make good use of the platform so that they help to solve issues that affect their daily lives.

“This platform will give us a chance to bring change to our community since we will be free to act on malpractices which affects services we get from public social service centres like health centres and schools. The platform will also help us to reach out to relevant authorities with the problems our communities are facing”, Mtekateka explained.

She finally appealed to members of the bwalo that they should be of good character and live by example to make the bwalo vibrant and influential.

Mtekateka emphasized that people will build their trust in the bwalo if they show enthusiasm and diligent to the work.

Senior chief Chilowamatambe who is also a member of the bwalo congratulated PACHI for such an initiative saying they have been given special power which will allow them to take their leader to task.

“As people of Chilowamatambe, we are greatly honoured with the project because our voices and needs now will be heard, we are very sure that the project will bring positive development to this area. We will make sure that we embrace this golden opportunity because we  know it is a definition to our future”, said Chilowamatambe.

Bwalo platforms have been launched in Senior chief Chilowamatambe and Traditional Authority (T/A) Njombwa in Kasungu where PACHI with support from UNICEF is implementing a project called “Integrated Covid, Malaria, MNH, SRH and Immunization. Among others, the bwalo comprises; Chiefs, religious leaders, community activist, youth activist and adolescents just to mention a few.