Ignorance is dangerous charm for bewitching families

Mr. Benedicto William a cluster leader from Mwatisasa care group  Chanje village, group village headman Mikili explained his story after joining a care group in 2012, in Ntchisi district T /A Kasakula

Before joining the care group, all wasn’t well with me, especially when members of my family get hit by diseases like diarrhoea, malaria and malnutrition. . All i thought was that I was being bewitched by surrounding people. Little did I know that ignorance was the major cause of miseries on my family members. After joining the care group i started to see things another Way round. I really realised that some of the things were causing misery in our family    was not true at all.  Being a member of the care group gave answers to the problems which surrounded me.

Through care group I have learnt so many key messages that can transformed my life which I adhere to.  Messages like diet diversity, hygiene and sanitation nutrition integration become of importance and sensible other than frequent illness that my family was experiencing. In fact am a living testimony    for I have also learnt how to process and prepare balanced diet suitable for pregnant women and young children under five years.

The knowledge and skills I have acquired from care group has not only reduced occurrence of diseases among family members but also   enriched the family with   keys   to healthy and abundant life .Now I have become a male motivator to encourage fellow men to join care groups where there membership is in minority. More applauds be given to SANI project   for opening me that ignorance can surely bewitch the family.

Even if the project  staff leaves but we are there intact   encouraging and  sharing  the skills and knowledge  acquired from  the project  men especially so that they can change their  mind set of saying care group meetings are issues of women only.