Gender lessons a secret tool to better life

Mr Dickson  Ngulube a 45 years old man of Jelison village T /Kasakula , group village head man Vinyungu    and his wife Ellen Banda 42 who both  hails from the same village narrates wonderful achievement that have  come about through sharing work load in the house. Mr and Mrs Dickson Ngulube are community members who have witnessed the importance of sharing work load in their family.

I have been hearing about gender in most of the community meetings but I was ignoring them  thinking NGOS just want to spoil and kill  our culture for the household chores are meant to be women’s affairs only. One day there was a care group meeting where PET performed on the same, I was taken up and thought it wise to start helping my spouse on daily household chores. I don’t bother whatever people around may say because my aim is not to overburden my wife but rather she should have free time to attend to either at house or in the community such as  attending Caregoup /VSL meetings. Due to my transformation from customs and cultural beliefs, our family has become a talk of village citing my wife has used some charms so  that I can be assisting her daily workload at home
Dickson    smearing the house
My husband Dickson, is real a friend of me Ellen explained. He helps me a lot in gathering firewood, fetching water, watering the garden even cooking and washing baby napkins despite deep rooted cultural and traditional set up in the area. Having seen that my husband is greatly transformed to help me in household workload i also do likewise helping him when he is constructing a fence for backyard gardens, roofing our house including a toilet.

We really do everything together. Working together as a family has lifted our family lives in the sense that our children are always health and there is no frequent illness. Every penny in our family is debated on before use.  We have enough food supplies to last a year. Indeed we are amongst the happiest families and some community members have started admiring our achievements.

I therefore thank the care group members who have also reached out to some community members with messages of gender roles which has also made me a village champion in the area.