Climate Smart Agriculture is a hidden treasure

climate smart agriculture
Mr and Mrs Julius Chikuta are amongst a number of follower farmers who have witnessed the importance of practising  climate smart agriculture .the couple hails from  Thandaza village , group village headman Thunduzi in Ntchisi district, T /A Kasakula. Chikuta aged 32 and his wife Liveness25 years says there is hidden treasure in climate smart agriculture. we   used to labour most in order to prepare the land for growing  crops, but now with the coming of SANI project in the area, which encourages climate smart agriculture technologies of mlera nthaka    has relieved the burden of  making ridges yearly.

This technology also enriches the soil, conserve moisture and prevent soil erosion Improves soil texture in addition to making field management easier. Now we manage to diversify crops using early maturity crops, such as maize, Groundnut, soya beans, beans sweet potatoes, just to mention a few. We have enough time to do other things like doing business. My family has enough food supplies to last for a year.  Through following integrated good agriculture practices facilitated by Agriculture Extension Development Officers and SANI Project Officer we have bought livestock such as goats, pigs and rabbits which makes our family economically empowered and diet diversity

This year 2019 season is a milestone to us because of the bumper yields .we managed to harvest 93 bags of maize and 243 pails of ground nuts.,which some  I sold 40 bags of maize 97 pails of Groundnuts  so as  to expand my shop business. Many thanks to SANI Project which has really changed  our family lives  to be  food secure at household level.