Care group influence rescued my children life

care group rescue my children life
Fletcher Mchere   from Katnchere village Group Village Headman Katnchere T/A kalumo   in Ntchisi district, reveals a fascinating tale.  A father of 7 children, two girls and 5 boys. Fletcher am aware of the existence of care groups   because my family is one of the household visited of by cluster leader but our family used to shun cluster nutrition education and counselling.   Our family felt the messages were of no importance. He lamented.  Things were not as usual  at my household   because  my  family has had  shortage of  food  which led to malnourished  of my two children but  this did not give an alarm  until when the cluster kept on pressing us to go to the health facility  for survival our   two twins.   Fletcher said both my twins Kefat and Clifness were born with very good weight very but unfortunately  before one year elapses their weight started deterioting due lack of food in our family. Since the condition was worsening the children were referred to Ntchisi hospital where it was discovered that my children were malnourished and right away they were put on food supplements of likuni phala and nutri butter. Otherwise the lives of my two twins Kefat and clifness were   unpredictable.

As the head of the family I was so touched and I started taking my role. I always make sure that food supplements are indeed given to the malnourished children.  Not  only that  I also make sure  that  I source food items  such as fruits ,meat flour   to make sure all the six groups are consumed   by family.  I really appreciate the  coming of  Namwiri care group through household visit  which has  acted as   an eye opener  to  us and   most of the people  around GVH  Katnchere .Fletcher  said it is important to have community volunteers at a door step because they assist in  dissemination of key nutrition messages  that  sometimes affect the  households.

Seriously speaking I have seen lot of benefits because my   family is always under the care of trained community volunteer.  I have shared my story to almost five or six fellow men and   will continue sharing  so that they should not face the same  situation I was in .This is a clear evidence that  our family now   understand whatever the cluster, Mercy Chiyembekezo brings to  our home  as far as nutrition  education using  different modules  is concerned

To crown it all, Mercy says I was very concerned because it was like am not doing my work efficiently however after frequent visit to this family, they responded to my advice to go the hospital for further screening and treatment .I will tirelessly work with the family so that their children health is maintained .