A stich in time saves nine village headman Kalazi laments

There goes an old proverb explains Mr. Kalazi Nasoni village headman of Chisepo village of T/A Kasakula in Ntchisi district. A 53 year old village head explains his story happily  , I was really going through hard financial  times when I finally got  awakened by listening to Zodiac Radio Station  ,where a radio presenter was interviewing   a community member who was explaining about  her achievements she has made  through being a member of VSLA  in her community.

Despite being tired and helpless to my family after hard work from the field, I  was really energised by unbelievable story which  a  certain woman was citing her achievements through village savings, i  was  deeply  touched and  thought of it and how to move forward with members of my village.

VH kalazi sitting on a khonde house built through VSL

No later did I call for    a village meeting to share this wonderful story. To my surprise the community members welcomed the idea happily. Members who were more zealous about the news requested for the formation of VSLA group and this resulted into having 25 members of which 8 of them are men and 17 women. This marked the birth of Chakhadze vsl group in the area where election of office bearers was done while after a week rules and regulations were made by the committee and adopted by joining members.

As a sign of juvenile stage the members requested the village agent to come and assist with technical expertise for the smooth running of VSL .The Village agent drilled the members with knowledge on how to run vsl group.   Since its inception 2018 Chakhadze vsl has seen a tremendous rise in share buying, and loan payment  such that the group shared out K1,789, thousand  kwacha amongst members last December  .since its inception   Chakhadze vsl do not struggle to get money in times of need.

I as an initiator of the group I feel proud of it and make sure no one brings in problems. And as I am talking establishment of Chakhadze vsl, I have never experienced any pecuniary embarrassment.  I’ve managed to buy 2 blandly new bicycles cash, inputs for crop production, pigs, goats, chickens and plenty of food supplies. I don’t worry about visitors coming to my house, no matter how many people are, there is enough food for them all.  My food supplies last me the whole year round. I also thank the technical advice provided by pachi technical officers and village agent of the area under the Sani Project who regularly visit us and strengthen our group. Chakhadze vsl has even greater plans apart from individual uplifting their own families’ welfares the village head added. We have plans to start group business of buying maize mill, so that our family lives improves completely.  We will liaise with our technical staff to link us to microfinance institutions where we can top up our cash so that we can realise our dreams. It’s our sincere hope that we are driving towards our dream Once again thanks to pachi technical assistance